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AIPAC/Franklin Spy Scandal Spreads to The Whitehouse

More Notes by Barry O'Connell
AIPAC/Franklin Spy Scandal Spreads to The Whitehouse
As the spy scandal unfolds it now appears to spread further than AIPAC, AEI, and the Pentagon. Michael Ledeen an ultra-Zionist Likudnik believed to be an Israeli agent is a key foreign Policy Advisor to Karl Rove.

Rove who is known as a small man in a big job counts on a number of marginal fringe players for advice. Of all of his oddball advisors Michael Ledeen certainly acts like an agent of influence of a foreign government.

"When The Washington Post published a list of the people whom Karl Rove, President George W Bush's closest advisor, regularly consults for advice outside the administration, foreign policy veterans were shocked when Michael Ledeen popped up as the only full-time international affairs analyst."
Asia Times -Veteran neo-con adviser moves on Iran

See BBC: Michael Ledeen advisor to Carl Rove

Who is the Mole?
Larry Franklin, a Defense Intelligence Agency analyst has been named as the object of the FBI probe. I have serious doubts that Franklin worked alone. Let us hope that the FBI is taking a very close look at some other people including;

First of all the FBI is leaking the ties to AIPAC but a serious look must be taken with AEI.
Every time I calculate the model on the Israeli spy ring it always traces back to AEI.
Harold Rhode, Douglas Feith's top Middle East specialist. R
hode is seen as a protege of Richard Perle who certainly looks and acts like an Israeli agent of influence.

Michael Ledeen A former National Security Council official with strong ties to Richard Perle and Manucher Ghorbanifar. I suspect that Ledeen is an "Agent of Influence' for Israel. Note that Ledeen, Ghorbanifar, and Larry Franklin all link together.

The mysterious Abram N. Shulsky, Director of Office of Special Plans. He ran the OSP as if it was part of the Israeli Government.

F. Michael Maloof - Maloof has a hard time holding a security clearance and has been accused of "Rouge Operations".
William J. Luti a spy for Israel ? Is Bill Luti part of the the Israeli spy ring under Douglas Feith and Paul Wolfowitz. CBS indicates that an analyst is "a" mole for Israel but I suspect that there are several. The Office of Special plans under Luti appears to have operated as a Mossad propaganda machine. One has to assume that if the FBI is investigating the will be applying special scrutiny to applied to Abram N. Shulsky, Director of Office of Special Plans and F. Michael Maloof. If it is an analyst then watch Shulsky and Maloof. My advice to the FBI is too lean on Bill Luti since I think he is most likely to crack. They may find more then just one mole in the Pentagon.
See FBI Suspects Israel Has Mole in Pentagon -- CBS
and FBI espionage probe goes beyond Israeli allegations, sources say
The Office of Special Plans relied heavily on data gathered (or manufactured) by Israeli intelligence agencies particularly Mossad and also on information provided by Ahmad Chalabi's Iraqi National Congress, or I.N.C. To lend credibility to the doctored material the same information was leaked to Likudnik shills such as Judith Miller of the New York Times and Columnist William Safire. By citing anonymous sources reporting the same information they could make the phony data look more solid.

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