"Weapons of Mass Deception"


Michael Ledeen advisor to Carl Rove

Published author, member of a right wing think tank, scholar and writer.
Michael Ledeen has been branded an 'ultra neo-conservative' and is seen by his critics as the most sinister and radical of them all.
He is a scholar at the neo-conservative think tank The American Enterprise Institute, which also counts the former chair of Pentagon Defence Policy Board Richard Perle among its members.
He also writes regularly for American Spectator magazine.
A former Rome Correspondent for the New Republic newspaper, Ledeen first rose to political prominence as a member of the National Security Council during Ronald Reagan's reign.
But it was in 1985, that he became a well-known figure in the US when his Israeli intelligence contacts were used to help broker the illegal Iran/contra rebel affair - a move was aimed at destablising the left-wing government in Nicaragua.
However, he does say that he didn't approve of the final deal in that affair.
Prof Ledeen is also a student of Machiavelli and has written a book about the Renaissance philosopher whose name has become synonymous with strong and brutal governments.
He is also the author of The War Against the Terror Masters, which claims that America must topple the regimes of the terror masters such as Iraq, Syria and Saudi Arabia to eliminate the threat of terrorism.

Prof Ledeen is also believed to have the ear of the White House's current Chief of Staff Karl Rove, and has regular conversations with him.

His view on the war on terror is clear, he said: "Iraq is just one battle in a larger war, bringing down the regime in Iran is the central act, because Iran is the world's most dangerous terrorist country."

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