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Israeli hands in Fallujah?

Despite the U.S. efforts to conceal Israel’s role in Fallujah offensive, analysts are becoming increasingly convinced of that role.
News of officers, soldiers with dual citizenships that took participated in the assault, some of which were killed by the resistance's fire, is a clear evidence of the Israeli hands in Fallujah deadly offensive.
The killing of an Israeli officer in Fallujah uncovered the existence of a large number officers in Iraq.
According to the Israeli press statistics, Israel has about 1,000 officers and soldiers scattered around the American units in Iraq.
Also about 37 rabbis are operating within the U.S. occupation forces, which implies that the real number is greater.
With the intensifying the military operations in Iraq, a recruitment campaign is currently launched to further assist the U.S. occupation in the country. Amongst these campaigns is Rabbi Irving Elson's latest speech given in New York to allocate further "Fighting Rabbis" and encourage them to enlist in the American forces, in addition to another rabbi's advisory describing those killed in Fallujah as "martyrs."
It seems that the U.S. needs Israel’s experience in gang wars in order to win its battles in Iraq, as the two generations of its armed forces lack this experience since the end of the Vietnam War.
But Israel’s role in Fallujah is neither technical nor complementary to the U.S. plan, but it is rather a part of the vision set by its military leadership before starting the war, with the aim of halting any regional role for Iraq and eliminating any threat it might cause to its future.
Israel’s plan became more clear due to various headlines, among which is sending Mossad agents to set offices and networks in the north, south, eliminating the Iraqi scientists and intensify the real estate purchase of property and land in Kirkuk and Mosul.
Israel, moreover, is helping the Kurdish leaderships to decentralize from the Iraqi capital in administering their regions. It is also trying to have the Kurdish parties play a significant role in the post-war Iraq.
Moreover, and because Israel is becoming increasingly convinced that the U.S. forces are incapable of imposing security and stability in Iraq, Israelis developed their own channels with the local powers beginning at the fulcrum point in the north and advancing in the implementation plan, which they had prepared before ousting Saddam Hussein.
Thus, Israel incites the Iraqi Jews to the forefront to establish relations with the new government and intensify the trade initiatives with Iraq through Jordan.
Israel’s expanding role in various fields in Iraq, proves that it is the major beneficiary in the continuity of the U.S. occupation.
Source: Dar Al Hayat

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