"Weapons of Mass Deception"


In Defense Of George Tenet

By John Anast
Al-Jazeerah, Feb 2, 2004

The Director of Central Intelligence "DCI" George Tenet has received more than his share of criticism recently. While DCI Tenet is no stranger to controversy he is doing a fine job at CIA. Much of the criticism revolves around alleged "pre-war intelligence" which CIA actually did not source. While there remain discrepancies in certain materials which were known to have existed in Iraq prior to the 1991 Gulf War, referred to as Gulf War 1, those discrepancies are not significant and refer to materials actually supplied by the United States and Great Britain to the former Iraqi dictator.
It is now clear that ideologues within the Bush Administration were planning to topple Iraq, not Saddam per say, but Iraq proper in order to gain a strategic and economic advantage for Israel in the Middle East. Their disappointment with the current outcome of events and the utter failure of their Iraq strategy have now translated into diatribes against DCI Tenet. As if calumny and innuendo could somehow place back into vogue a failed war strategy to occupy the entire Middle East. The notion of our troops being met with flowers as liberators was supposed to correlate back to Israel's invasion of Lebanon. This rather subtle and seemingly unimportant point is one of the clues as to who fashioned the Iraq debate and supported every unfounded and ridiculous notion relative thereto. Did anyone really believe that an Iraqi basal-wood drone had the capability to fly across the Atlantic on one tank of gas and locate and destroy an entire city in the United State? As absurd as that may sound every morsel and every useful lie was carefully employed to ensure that America would invade Iraq.
In a recent Presidential debate one of the democrats was asked why the Clinton Administration had followed a similar hostile strategy with regard to Iraq? -- a sort of sharing the blame for the current situation question. While Dennis Kucinich did point out that former president Clinton did not order US troops to invade and occupy Iraq, the question is actually all to easy to answer. Transcending political lines of republican or democrat there exists in America a core set of Zionist ideologues who attempt to set US policy in a direction for the benefit of Israel. Typically this is attempted through Washington based think-tanks disguised in manner to appear as patriotic American enterprises. In reality, however, 100% of the money to fund the studies, overhead and movements is derived from American Zionists and Jewish organizations which support the Zionist agenda. Keeping in mind that Jews amount to only 2% of the total American population. There is nothing more un-patriotic or un-American than Zionism. Our very freedoms have never been more at risk. The US Congress recently passed what is clearly unconstitutional legislation to restrict free speech on college campuses. It is an attempt to police thought. The genesis of the legislation is again directly tied to Zionists who object to the growing chorus of Americans who oppose Israeli ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. Who would have thunk it, that 2000 years after the death and rising of Christ the followers of Phariseeism would again be persecuting Christians and not only in the Holy Land but in America as well?
It has never been easier to connect the dots. Hodge-podge intelligence agencies were formed by the very Zionists who camouflaged themselves in American sounding organizations seeking to surreptitiously insert their Israeli agenda into the national security priorities of the United States. Their coconspirators within the Bush and Clinton Administrations set forth into motion events which precipitated the recent Iraq invasion and current occupation. From plans drafted in the 1980's, to the bombing of Iraq in the late 1990's, to the insertion of "axis of evil" war rhetoric into President Bush's first State of the Union Address, to lies regarding Iraq's WMD programs, to false accusations of some Iraq - 9/11 connection, to accusations against Syria, Iran and Saudi Arabia, all the evidence leads directly to the same people. With their plans for Middle East conquest in shambles, the Zionist ideologues are looking for a scapegoat. If only rubbing their hands on the head of a goat and sending it into the wilderness could absolves their sins? -- but it won't.
Agencies like the now defunct Office of Special Plans "OSP" at Pentagon and its sister offices at 10 Downing Street and within Sharon's office in Israel, fashioned much of the faulty intelligence which somehow ended up in the Vice President's office and major American media. The term however does no justice to intelligence as it was manufactured and deliberately leaked to mislead the American Congress, the American people and the world if possible. In intelligence circles the aforementioned has a name, its called psychological operations or psyops. It was not an honest collection of intelligence data, but fantasy used to create a picture supportive of the war to fool the American people and meet the desires of the White House. It is equally disingenuous therefore to attempt to place the blame for the deliberate machinations of Zionists at the door of CIA. We do not need to reinvent CIA or attempt to "fix it" as it's not broken. We have to remember that CIA belongs to us, it is an American institution and serves America's interests which have been served well under the supervision of Mr. Tenet. On the other hand the Zionists work on behalf of Israel and have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar. OSP and other ad hoc groups were specifically organized and tasked with countering, opposing and exaggerating CIA analysis. When that effort fell short OSP, et al, sourced its own information whilst the Vice President and his staff visited CIA on more than one occasion to offer advice, clarity and vision to the seasoned CIA analysts -- as if? It is therefore all the more imperative to root out every Zionist, Israeli spy and / or Israeli sympathizer from all US intelligence agencies and from within the US Government itself.
I should note that many of the non-Zionists who worked at OSP and within other "ad hoc" groups and who have offered their testimony have yet to be called by any Congressional oversight or investigative committee. There is no more important sincere issue or interest in America today than the security of this Nation. Yet the Bush Administration and the republican controlled Congress for all their talk and rhetoric of homeland defense have been surprisingly weak, slow and ineffective in their actions.
Of the democrat candidates for president all are voicing their opposition to the war in Iraq with exception to Mr. Lieberman who still insists that the Iraq war was somehow justified. Mr. Lieberman who is now running for president was former Vice President Gore's running mate in the 2000 presidential election. It is likely that Mr. Lieberman actually cost Mr. Gore the 2000 election, by not delivering Florida as all of the political pundits had predicted and by actually costing Mr. Gore votes in West Virginia and Tennessee.
Mr. Lieberman who not surprisingly is a Zionist recently asked in a television interview that he not be addressed as or his opinion sought as a "Jew." As amazing as that exchange was, Mr. Lieberman cannot hide from the fact that he is a supporter of current Israeli ethnic cleansing policy. In addition, Zionists cannot cover-up their exposure in the Iraq affair or put the proverbial genie back in the bottle. We must not weaken CIA or harkin to the cacophony of other Zionists like Jane Harman calling for the politicization of intelligence through the appointment of an intelligence "czar". In fact Ms. Harman is the same California representative who claimed that Iraqi diplomatic recognition of only the US without similar recognition of Israel was "unacceptable." How is it that an elected US representative places the interests of Israel over the lives of your children and implies that the $227 Billion of your tax dollars being spent in Iraq is somehow owed to Israel? So for Lieberman or any other Zionist to call for the DCI's resignation is tantamount to the convicted Zionist spy Jonathan Pollard demanding the resignation of the Director of NSA.

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