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Mossad blamed for Hariri's killing

Tehran, Feb 15

Late Lebanese politician Rafiq Hariri's consultant Mustafa Al-naser said Monday evening, "assassination Hariri is the Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad's job, aimed at creating political tension in Lebanon."
Al-naser added, "beyond doubt, the peace, stability, and high level security prevailing in Lebanon in recent years, in creation of which all Lebanese groups play a harmonious role, is in direct contrast with Israel's political intentions for the region, and above that with the illegitimate nature of that usurper regime."

He added, "Israel seeks the continuation of its existence in creation of constant tension in the region, and that was the reason why Tel Aviv imposed many years on civil war, and over a decade of occupation and instability against our nation."Lebanon's five-time prime minister and billionaire tycoon Rafiq Hariri was assassinated in a huge bomb blast in Beirut Monday that stoked fears of fresh sectarian strife 15 years after the end of the civil war.


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It seems they are stuck in a cycle of violence. I hope they cane find the wisdom to break out of it.

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