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Senator Boxer Proves Conde Rice a Liar

( It´s nice to see someone being held accountable for the WMD lies but maybe she should reconsider her involvement with the Zionist Lobby who are pushing the WWIV agenda more than anyone )

Sam Hamod

01/18/05 "Information Clearing House" -- This morning, at 9.40 a.m., Senator Barbara Boxer listed fact after fact, statements by Conde Rice, that showed she contradicted herself time and again about Al Qaeda, about Saddam and his alleged WMD’s, and his intentions—all of which led us into war against Iraq. Boxer even went on to show that Conde Rice, even recently, was lying the more in contradicting statements by the CIA’s own intelligence reports, contradicting statements by President Bush, and that her support for administration policies was stronger than her support for the safety of our nation.

In her response to Boxer, Rice sputtered and lied even more. She refused to respond to the facts that Boxer pointed out, instead she kept saying that her integrity and credibility was unquestionable; this was clearly folly and a liars farce. Clearly, Ms. Rice was shown to be a liar and an immoral person—not caring about those who have been killed in this war, this war that was clearly built on lies.

Among the things that Senator Boxer pointed out were these contradictions: 1. Rice said that Al Qaeda areas had shrunk; Boxer pointed out that Al Qaeda now had more lands in which it was operating than before the war on Iraq; 2. Rice said that the war was not about WMD’s; Boxer pointed out that the congress supported the response based on fear of WMD’s and atomic weapons that the administration claimed existed in a dangerous situation for the U.S.; 3. Rice said that Saddam had worked with Al Qaeda; Boxer pointed out that they were enemies and no cooperation; 4. Rice said we’d made progress in the Arab and Muslims worlds; Boxer pointed out that there was more anger against America in Muslim and Arab lands since the invasion of Iraq, not less—this according to the CIA’s own intelligence bureau and the president’s own committee on combating terrorism; 5. Rice said that Al Qaeda was now more under control; Boxer pointed out that every governmental agency that has looked at the situation has made clear that Al Qaeda has appealed to more jihadist Muslims than anyone had ever imagined—Bin Laden’s hope had come true because of our attack on Iraq which proved to them that America was attacking and desiring to take-over Arab and Muslim lands. There were other points, but these are but a few. During this time, Rice would quote Bush when she felt it was helpful, but even then Boxer pointed out when she contradicted the president when it suited her self-defense (especially with reference to Saddam and his alleged “nuclear weapons”, his infamous aluminum tubes and his “nuclear facilities.”)

Then Senator Boxer pointed out that Rice contradicted President Bush and used his quotes when it suited her. Rice kept saying that she did not want her credibility impugned—Senator Boxer then stated, “I am but quoting your own contradictions.” For any sane person listening to the comments, it was clear that Conde Rice has no credibility, no integrity and is not fit to hold an office as important as Secretary of State.

We applaud Senator Boxer for her courage, her honesty and her care for the safety of the American people. We also applaud her for trying to restore some integrity to our Congress and to our senate. Those who simply caressed Rice this morning, were doing a disservice to our country. That Rice, who cannot stay with the truth, a person who is loyal totally to GW Bush rather than to our safety, is clearly not fit to hold this very important office. If she is put into this office, with her out of sync cold-war mentality, his misunderstanding of the Arab and Muslim worlds, her inability to understand Putin of Russia or why many European, Asian, African and Latin American countries distrust and fear us—America will be more danger than anyone can possibly imagine. I say this because she will exacerbate matters between America and the rest of the world, not help. Our isolation internationally is becoming worse everyday. To put in one of the architects of this isolation and loss of respect for America into a major office at this point, would lead to more disasters down the road.

I know that the Republicans probably have enough votes to put Rice into the position of Secretary of State; but it is my hope that some of them will have enough sense to stand against her, with some of the Democrats who have the courage to finally stand up with Senator Boxer. Senator Boxer would make a much better Secretary of State than Conde Rice—the shame in America is that political cronies and political bedfellows like Rice get these important jobs, rather than people who are truly qualified to lead our nation.

We say, bravo and thank you to Senator Boxer. To Conde Rice, we say, for shame.

Sam Hamod is a former advisor to the State Department, former founder and editor of 3rd World News. His book of essays on war will be published in 2005 by Ishmael Reed Publishing Co; he may be reached at

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