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Guest Viewpoint: Neoconservatives intend to rule world by force


America's imbedded war-fever neoconservative planners, initially empowered by the president's 9/11 directive to get "terrorists," will remain in office -- no matter that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.

So our neocons will continue to alarm world populations with messages threatening to subdue any and all nation-state naysayers within a precedence of military and occupational strategies, a la the Iraq model. Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, John Bolton, Elliott Abrams, Douglas Feith, among others, remain in place as lethal-force "democracy" providers.

It is a sobering fact that cumulative costs of the Iraq invasion now approach and match costs of the Vietnam war as recorded in the 1970s -- at 12 percent of gross domestic product. This while our national debt and budget deficit skyrocket, and our current account imbalance (international financial obligations) is running at an alarming 5.7 percent of GDP; and while the dollar experiences worldwide decline.

Indeed, "leadership" was a campaign issue -- and George Bush sports that shadowy title.

The British Daily Mirror wonders how 59,054,087 Americans "can be so dumb." World opinion, judging by poll sampling, including most Britons, shares that view.

Today's overriding core foreign policy geopolitical concern, shockingly ignored by the candidates and the media during the campaign, is preserving post-World War II peaceful European unity and integrating post-communist Russia into a friendly relationship with Europe and the United States. But U.S. policy fails in both respects, with Europeans fervently opposing the dubious Iraq invasion and beginning to question the Atlantic Alliance, and Russia rejecting U.S. meddling in Russian and Ukrainian internal politics.

So, as Bush and his neocons fiddle with Iraq and threaten Iran and other Islamic nations with lethal-force "democracy," key vital foreign policy interests burn and flare toward counterproductive disaster.

The ideological wing of neoconservatism reconfirmed its objectives and list of key players in a manifesto presented last July 20, announcing a "bipartisan" effort to gain public support for winning the "war on global terrorism ... carried out by radical Islamists opposed to freedom and democracy." They want to influence "citizens of diverse political persuasions..."

Known as the Committee on the Present Danger, they re-emerge from earlier efforts to undermine the Nixon-Kissinger detente strategy with the Soviet Union, and later undermine Jimmy Carter's anti-war Democrat supporters and appointees -- choosing to switch their mainly Democrat party allegiances to Ronald Reagan. Always actively supporting Israel, early founders also tried adherence to Trotskyite Bolshevism -- and now their descendants astonishingly sit with George Bush as high-level foreign policy advisers.

Apart from Cheney, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz, neocon personalities are often seen on TV selling their wares. These include James Woolsey (briefly CIA director during the Clinton administration), Newt Gingrich (former House Speaker) and assorted representatives from think tanks allied with the neocon spin like the Center for Security Policy, American Enterprise Institute, Freedom House, Manhattan Institute, Heritage Foundation and the Hoover Institute.

The godfather think tank is the Project for the New American Century (a Cheney-Rumsfeld-related group) which promotes giving our military-industrial complex "peace through strength" rulership of the world. One complaint is that this dream will result in an American-administered "prison planet."

It all boils down to knowing that the Committee on the Present Danger and Project for a New American Century (plus related organizations) offer American citizens world domination through the use of military intimidation and lethal force. Preemption and unilateralism are prerequisite options when diplomacy becomes cumbersome (as with Iraq).

International law, the United Nations Charter and the federal Constitution become ambivalent when our commander-in-chief and Congress decide to attack nation-states and assassinate foreign government leaders with bunker-buster bombs.

Allan Nixon is a Binghamton resident.

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