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Former CIA man 'praises' covert pro-Israel action

Pro-Israel lobbyists have run an enviable covert action in the United States, a former top CIA analyst said.

Michael Scheuer, who wrote a best-selling book criticizing the Bush administration’s counterterrorism policies last summer, while he still worked for the CIA, said the U.S.-Israel relationship was a case of the tail wagging the dog.

“I just think it does America tremendous harm in the Islamic world for us to be so obviously the dog that’s led around by the tail,” Scheuer said Thursday at a Middle East Policy Council briefing in Washington. He suggested that the United States should reconsider its aid to Israel, but that such a debate was impossible.

“I think the Israelis have done a marvelous job in terms of being able to control the nature of debate in this country over our policies toward Israel,” he said. “Whether it’s people sending out from AIPAC a list of rules on how to review my books or, you know, the fact that if you criticize Israel you’re an anti-Semite, it’s a tremendous covert action. I wish our intelligence community could have done the same over the course of the past 30 years anywhere.”

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