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Barbara Boxer - AIPAC

Barbara Boxer - Californian Democratic Senator and recipient of $223,794 in Pro-Israel PAC Funds, is an example of the corruption level and pro-israeli bias that seem to penetrate all levels of american foreign policy nowadays among Democrats and Republicans alike.

AIPAC - the most powerful Pro-Israeli lobby is under investigation for espionage, a fact that doesnt seem to bother anyone in the US government.

Boxer was to attend a luncheon Monday with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, among the nation's most powerful lobbying groups. FBI agents Dec. 1 seized AIPAC files and subpoenaed staffers to testify before a federal grand jury, part of a long-running probe into whether the group helped Israel get classified U.S. intelligence.

"We haven't been briefed by any law enforcement agencies whatsoever," Boxer said Monday; until then, she's "very comfortable" visiting AIPAC. "AIPAC is working for a just peace in the Middle East."

Boxer won a third term last month with almost 6.9 million votes -- more than either John Kerry or George W. Bush took in the state, signaling strength for a senator deemed by many to be among the nation's most liberal.

Oakland Tribune Dec 13th 2004

To claim that an obviously biased organization - AIPAC, alledgedly involved in espionage, is capable of some sort of objectivity in the Palestinian/Israeli conflict is laughable, but understandable since she herself is a recipiant of pro-israel pac money.

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