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Karen Kwiatkowski, Lt. Col. USAF (ret.)

Karen Kwiatkowski recently retired from the active duty USAF as a Lieutenant Colonel. Her final assignment was as a political-military affairs officer in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Under Secretary for Policy, in the Sub-Saharan Africa and Near East South Asia (NESA) Policy directorates.
During Col. Kwiatkowski's time at NESA, she worked the North Africa desk, in the sister office to the Office of Special Plans. Prior to the Office of Secretary of Defense assignment, she served on the Air Force Staff, Operations Directorate at the Pentagon, the staff of the Director of the National Security Agency (NSA) at Fort Meade, Maryland, and served tours in Alaska, Massachusetts, Spain and Italy.

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The George Who Lost AmericaRedux.
Ad Hominem?Karen Kwiatkowski listens to a neocon.
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Sean, Truth Holding on Line OneKaren Kwiatkowski on the talk-show torturers.
An American TaleKaren Kwiatkowski on why Saddam is a US story.
Advance Praise for 'An End to Evil'Karen Kwiatkowski on the Frum-Perle Plan for war and empire.
Friendly Advice From IranWe might take it, says Karen Kwiatkowski.
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Perseverance Over ViolenceUnfortunately, Bush ignores Plutarch.
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Cheney's HawksKaren Kwiatkowski interviewed in the Sydney Morning Herald.
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Rough RidersKaren Kwiatkowski on crazed militaristic presidents.
Neophyte GorgeThe pebbles are slipping in, and so is Dubya.
Stormy Weather for WashingtonHalleluiah, says Karen Kwiatkowski.
Semper FiKaren Kwiatkowski on the secret of al-Kut.
Fire the NeoconsDon't tell us to hold our fire. Article by Karen Kwiatkowski.
Five Feet High and Risin'Karen Kwiatkowski on the tide of truth vs. the neocons.
Our Master's VoiceKaren Kwiatkowski listens to George.
George Bush, ActorDon't miss the show, says Karen Kwiatkowski.
Bush Foreign Policy Made SimpleAnd easy to fix.
For OmarKaren Kwiatkowski on why the Iraqis resist.
Dubya and His Blue OxKaren Kwiatkowski on neocon fables.
Divided Loyalties?Karen Kwiatkowski on the attack by neocon Frank Gaffney.
Neocon Time TravelKaren Kwiatkowski on the Bush administration's scientific breakthrough.
Occupied AmericaKaren Kwiatkowski on the neocons.
The Neo-PentagonKaren Kwiatkowski on the cabal that makes Clinton look good.
Truth and ConsequencesKaren Kwiatkowski on some good news out of DC, if not for DC.
Burning PatriotismKaren Kwiatkowski on the neocon perversion of natural virtue.
Warning ShotsKaren Kwiatkowski has been firing them for some time.
Fighting WordsKaren Kwiatkowski on listening to our British pal.
Plan AfghanistanAnd the neocons’ Iraqi regional initiative.
Rules, RegulationsAnd maybe a little revolution.
Death StarPaul Wolfowitz: statist, warmonger, art aficionado.
The Creative Mr. RumsfeldKaren Kwiatkowski on the secretary of war.
Junk GovernmentKaren Kwiatkowski on public education.
Heroic BelgiumGiving war criminals like Shifty Don the shakes.
'Paradise Lost' and the NeoconsKaren Kwiatkowski bestows the Milton Awards.
Federal LifelogDesigned with you in mind.
The Neocons Take a HitAre the enemies of freedom losing? Well, it's a start, says Karen Kwiatkowski.
Naked Before the StateDC's neo-spies want to rip away your privacy, to protect you, of course.
Daddy IssuesKaren Kwiatkowski on Bush père et fils.
Give the Free Market a Chance?Never mind.
Private Lies vs. State LiesKaren Kwiatkowski on the New York Times and the feds.
Skippering the Yacht of StateKaren Kwiatkowski on the rise and fall of Jay Garner.
The Roadmap to SerfdomKaren Kwiatkowski on Pentagon Mideast policy.
Some Republicans Not ObeyingKaren Kwiatkowski has some advice for Bush.
Managing the RaptureKaren Kwiatkowski on victory.
Clear Channel for the StateKaren Kwiatkowski on jabberers for Big Brother.
Rumsfeld's Work Is Never DoneAfter all, freedom is messy.
Will Bush Be Punk’d?Karen Kwiatkowski on really understanding our foreign policy.
The Babylonian TrilateralKaren Kwiatkowski on neo-US strategic doctrine.
Another Piece of Cake, Neocons?The days when you could have it and eat it too are ending, says Karen Kwiatkowski.
Chaos Theory for NeoconsKaren Kwiatkowski on card games for Trotskyite non-combatants.
Jay Garner's Missing LinkKaren Kwiatkowski on the success of the Iraqi proconsul.
Lessons From SomaliaNot Mogadishu. The other lessons.
Starship TroopersDoes Rumsfeld's military resemble a fascist novel?
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