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Connect The Dots: The Latest Israeli Spy Scanda

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6 September 2004

Los Angeles - The dots in Washington are connecting. It's not a pretty sight.

Last week, a two-year FBI investigation of alleged Israeli efforts to have American neoconservatives manipulate US Mideast policy leaked to the media. The leak, said some sources, thwarted a deeper FBI investigation into involvement by Israeli officials and sympathizers.

The story is potentially a huge scandal, and dramatic evidence of a furious power struggle between neocon supporters of Israel's far right Likud Party who dominated the Pentagon and National Security Council, and the CIA and State Department.

The FBI is focusing on the Pentagon's policy department, a mini State Dept within Defense that plays a key role in US Mideast policy. It is headed by neocon activist, Defense Under Secretary, Douglas Feith, who has longtime links to Likud.

The Pentagon's chief Iran analyst, Larry Franklin, who works for Feith's neocon deputy, William Luti, is under FBI investigation for passing top secret presidential policy papers on Iran to two senior members of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee(AIPAC), one of Washington's most powerful and feared lobbies, who allegedly passed them Israel's spy service, Mossad. Israel is alarmed by Iran's nuclear developments and is likely planning to attack the Islamic Republic.

AIPAC and Israel deny spying. Israel insists it ceased espionage in the US after its agent, Jonathan Pollard, was jailed in 1987. However, Pollard's controller in the US government, known to FBI as `Mr X,' has never been caught.

Meanwhile, other prominent neocons, including Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, and Harold Rhode, reportedly have also been targets of FBI inquiry.

Israel's denials may be semantically accurate. Thanks to a host of intelligence-sharing agreements, and highly placed friends, sympathizers and ideological volunteers at all levels of the US government, there is very little classified material to which Israel does not currently have access. There's a grey area between `discussing' policy issues and old-fashioned espionage.

The current investigations shows growing concern that US national security and foreign policy have been gravely compromised, or even hijacked, by a small but powerful group of Bush Administration neocons who seized power after 9/11 with the help of VP Dick Cheney, and engineered the Iraq war to destroy an enemy of Israel.

These neocon's confused loyalties convinced them what's good for Sharon's Greater Israel is good for America,

Connect the dots: Franklin works for Feith. Feith reports to Wolfowitz. Cheney and Wolfowitz were the prime architect of the Iraq war.

In 1996, Feith and Perle wrote a policy plan, `A Clean Break,' for Israel's then Likud prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, calling for Greater Israel, destruction of Iraq and Syria, and ending peace talks with Palestinians. This became the Magna Carta of the Greater Israel, pro-Sharon neoconservatives.

Feith ran the Pentagon's notorious Office for Special Plans (OSP). Its sole function: channel false information about Iraq concocted by Ahmad Chalabi and a special unit in PM Sharon's office to the White House and US media. The OSP lie factory turned out most of the disinformation that led to war with Iraq. According to a senior Israeli general, `Israeli intelligence was a full partner with the US and Britain in developing a false picture of Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction capability.'

Feith, Wolfowitz and Perle were key backers and financers of Chalabi, a convicted swindler with well-established links to Mossad. The neocons planned to make Chalabi the new ruler of Iraq. Chalabi's carefully crafted lies about Iraq provided the White House with pretext for war. Neocons excitedly discussed rebuilding the old Iraq-Haifa, Israel pipeline to supply Iraq's oil to Israel.

The rock just turned over by FBI also reveals other familiar reptilian denizens. Welcome back Iranian con-man, arms dealer and old Mossad asset, Manucher Ghorbanifar, a key figure in the 1980's Iran-Contra scandal that nearly brought down the Reagan Administration. Ghorbanifar's preposterous claims that Libyan hit men were lurking in Washington sent the capital into hysteria.

And old uber-neocon, Michael Ledeen. According to a `Washington Monthy,' investigation, he and/or fellow neocon Harold Rhode met secretly in Europe with Ghorbanifar, the chief of Italy's military intelligence service, SISMI, and Lebanese rightists, to plan overthrowing the governments of Syria and Iran. SISMI and Ledeen were also involved in the Iraq-Niger uranium hoax.

Ledeen has long been engaged into trying to overthrow the past Iranian governments and installing a pro-Israel regime in Tehran and numerous otther murky Mideast intrigues.

Neocon attempts to blame the disaster they created in Iraq on CIA, to blame 9/11 on the FBI, and simmering anger over three decades of investigations of Israeli spying that were squelched for political reasons, caused the security agencies to go after what a CIA veteran terms `Washington's fifth column.

The growing scandal over the US being misled into a war by neocons and AIPAC, is proving a field day for anti-Semites, as this writer long warned it would, and is bringing inevitable comparisons of necons to 1930's communist fellow travelers.

These neocon ideologues arrogated to themselves the right to decide what was good for Israel and the Jewish people, though 56% of American Jews opposed war against Iraq and will now be blamed for the war that benefited only Israel.

What the neocon ideologues and their media allies have done is to enflame anti-Semitism, raise ugly questions of dual loyalty, encourage anti-US terrorism, and destabilize the entire Mideast.

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