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Pentagon aide suspected of spying for Israel

Last Updated Fri,
27 Aug 2004

WASHINGTON - The FBI is investigating a Pentagon official suspected of spying for Israel and providing the country with classified materials including secret White House plans on Iran, according to reports.
CBS News reported that the investigation involved wiretaps, undercover surveillance and photography.
The suspected spy is alleged to be an analyst at the Pentagon who worked in the office of Douglas Feith, the undersecretary of defence for policy. Feith is a key aide to Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.
The scheme is alleged to have involved employees at the pro-Israeli lobbying group in Washington – the American-Israeli Political Action Committee.
Investigators are looking into whether the Pentagon analyst passed on information to AIPAC, which then allegedly gave those materials to the Israeli government.
AIPAC spokesman Josh Block said that any allegation of criminal conduct by the organization or its employees is "baseless and false."
The materials allegedly provided to Israel included a draft plan on U.S. policy toward Iran.
David Siegel, a spokesman for the Israeli Embassy in Washington, said: "We categorically deny these allegations. They are completely false and outrageous."

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